Bookcase-Cam - Day Nine

A short day -- after the 5:30 AM trip to the airport and subsequent nap on returning home, I mounted & shimmed the outer shelving piece and scratched my head over some plumb/parallel issues that keep me from deciding exactly where to cut the north bookcase top piece. Before proceeding, I also need to find out whether I can replace our annoying electronic ceiling fan control with a normal one, and whether I really want to run a switched box to the top of the bookcases for future uplights, downlights, or whatever.

This shot shows the bookcases lit by the sunset coming in through the French doors on the other side of the room. I've repositioned the camera a bit to show the north cabinets better and put a more suitable clock in frame. The triangle is a new speed square that has been less useful than I had hoped; I think it's really a framer's tool.

It's easy to decide to give the whole project a break until after next weekend. Without my helper, there's nobody to catch the other end of the board as it comes through the saw, no one else to help me avoid some errors, figure out how to fix others, and commit a few. Pop's idle dust mask and noise-protection earmuffs constantly remind me that he's not around to help me finish. The absence of someone to talk to in the shop, on top of that low-energy stupor that comes from lack of sleep, makes this a quiet, somewhat discouraging day. We take the afternoon off and walk into Needham to get some fresh air after an exhausting week.

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