Bookcase-Cam - Day Three

A major setback! As we fit the top of the base cabinets, we discover an anomaly. Everything is plumb, level, and square, yet some joints are not tight. We spend two hours checking and re-checking, unwilling to proceed without understanding our situation. The day's last picture seems to show regression as the end piece and top lie downstairs in the workshop, awaiting resolution.

Finally we discover a significantly out-of-square cut in one of the cabinet bottom pieces (no doubt the free end was, unnoticed, not tight against the radial saw fence), and some other minor errors, which could accumulate to produce the observed problem. In addition, the offending non-square piece is too short. It is a piece which has been measured, cut, scribed, dadoed , and back-planed -- reproducing it would take hours and is more than I can bear after a 10-hour day. Pop has an idea to lengthen and re-square it by gluing on a small extension, which we reinforce with biscuits. It works quite well; it might be detectable after finishing, but only in a dark & unobtrusive corner inside a base cabinet. We can continue.

Today has also been a day of dado-ing, which since my radial saw's blade cover doesn't fit over the dado blade has left me repeatedly showered in sawdust.

I discover that the reason the Bookcase-Cam keeps shutting down is that the outlet it is plugged into is on the same circuit that we are routing through the back of the bookcase, and thus are constantly powering down...sorry about that, viewers...

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