Bookcase-Cam - Day Eleven

Sunday I awake with an idea: Instead of modifying the fan switch flange, I'll simply remove the mounting screws that are forcing it to stand proud of the woodwork. The four screws on the other half of the double box will provide ample support, sunk into the 3/4" plywood. It works great and the box is permanently installed scant minutes after I start.

I am so pleased with this solution that I decide to rev up the morning's work with a change of musical pace. Up to now I have been listening mostly to classical music radio, so I can avoid tending the CD player without having to put up with the endless prattle of commercial radio. Today, however, I decide to prime the changer with a Van Halen career retrospective, including material from the David Lee Roth years...

This led to occasional outbursts of dancing:

I don't know about you, but even as I lament the loss of David's exceptional vocal range, I find the band's Sammy Hagar era one of much greater musical sophistication.

My spirits are especially high in this picture, for not only is the wiring done, but the remaining cabinet back is in place (including the steel plate to protect the otherwise vulnerable original switch box), the top piece is cut and installed, and I have just scribed, mitered, and set into place the toe-kick -- the piece that was supposed to be put into place before Pop left three weeks ago, and whose southern twin caused us such grief in the opening days of the project so long ago.

In short; a major milestone has come to pass: The carcases -- the structural parts of the bookcases -- are finished. The face frames are ready to begin.

Today's featured tool (next to the clock) is a small pair of Vise-Grip (TM) locking pliers.

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