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 Brace yourself...
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Whiplash for Mac OS X 5.2 MB DMG
Whiplash for Mac OS Classic 4.3 MB StuffIt
Whiplash for Windows 4.9 MB Zip

screen shot
Whiplash is a frenetic, two-player 3D game for those who prefer speed to predictability. The typical driving game is to Whiplash as brain surgery is to demolition derby.

You pilot a hovercraft. But it's not a flying sofa like your grandmother's hideous old FloatMaster '78—this is a race-bred, jet-assisted rocket sled.

And you're not alone, either in the field or at the controls. Your opponent sits next to you, using the same keyboard and monitor. (If he messes you up in the game, reach over and slug him!)

It's like air hockey, only you're the paddle and the puck! Knock stuff (including your opponent) at devilish targets. Race around tortuous tracks. Avoid nightmarish obstacles. And above all, interfere with your opponent's efforts to do the same...

Note: This is pre-release software. There are just a few simple arenas, and you might find bugs and other problems; please let me know about them. (And read the Help.)

Neck brace not included.

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