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 Brace yourself.
Download (pre-release) Size Format
Whiplash for Mac OS X 5.2 MB DMG
Whiplash for Mac OS Classic 4.3 MB StuffIt
Whiplash for Windows 4.9 MB Zip



     - Player 1 (upper) laptop controls shifted over by one key, now
  centered on 'L' (couldn't hit 'P' and ''' simultaneously on Windows).


     - Revised keyboard handling to support non-U.S. keyboards and laptops:
  Player 1 (upper) can use numpad, or arrow keys (w/numpad 0 for braking),
  or keys centered on ';' (2 positions to the left of 'Return' on U.S. keyboard);
  Player 2 (lower) controls are now based on physical key locations, not labels.
- Help updated with the above info.
- No longer creates log file by default.


     - "Soccer" arena has been tuned for actual fun -- try it!
  (Use Special->Physics menu item to adjust max speed, etc.)


     - Mac OS X and Windows versions now available
- Improved collision detection (at the cost of occasional frame drops)
- New "Roundup" arena with cones to capture
- New "Soccer" arena -- bump balls into your goal to win
- Animating objects (hoops, balls, cones)
- New "radar-cam" (high overhead view; hit 'c' to see)
- New level file format with sensible scaling
- Eliminated slight pause when scoring, changing views, etc.
- Escape key closes main or game window
- Fixed bug: resetting level now resets view targets too.


     - Much better arena-selection window
- Game window has proper size & camera position at start
- Holding keys at start no longer causes initial vehicle jump
- Frame rate no longer affects object physics
- New graphics for field and surrounding area
- Winner gets elevated view, loser must watch
- Flagpole-cam now rises from ship position
- Two new arenas, including introductory one
- Added Next, Previous, and Restart menu items
- Removed irrelevant File menu items
- Removed rendering status display
- Added confirmation dialog before quitting
- Field has variable size per arena
- Added ship-reset keys for both players (see Help)
- Added version number to about box
- Checks for presence of 3D library before starting
- Arenas now in external files (create your own!)
- Updated help


     - Added choice of arenas with different layouts
- All objects now stay inside field
- Changed look of field, made its size variable
- Display cleanup: removed superfluous controls, added score
- Game window is resizeable, and fullscreen by default
- Fixed bug where objects could get stuck to one another
- Added sounds for various thrusters & friction
- Added rings (like pucks but bigger and less friction)
- Added dots that give temporary speed/brake boost
- Added super-bouncy posts to some arenas
- Reduced download size by tossing out unused files
- Added version/copyright/URL to Get Info window
- Fixed errors in Read Me file
- Updated help


     - Development version to test the release process
- Superflous controls are exposed
- Only one level

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