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Drag and drop 3D scene creation
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SceneBench for Mac OS Classic 1.7 MB StuffIt 6.5
SceneBench for Mac OS X 1.9 MB StuffIt 6.5

screen shot

SceneBench is a typical document-based application. Each document specifies a scene, consisting of objects, light sources, a background, and several other settings (see the screen shot).

To use SceneBench, just fire it up and start dragging objects (in the form of 3DMF files or pictures) to the list box or to the main view. Then click on any of the objects to adjust its position, orientation, or other properties.
      For most properties, you can also click on the property's value in the text display and drag to a new value.

Read the brief online help for lots of handy tips, and email me if you want to be kept up to date, or if you find problems. (I won't give out your address.)

This pre-release version is free. T
he download also contains a few sample files for you to play with—enjoy!

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