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Drag and drop 3D scene creation
Download Size Format
SceneBench for Mac OS Classic 1.7 MB StuffIt 6.5
SceneBench for Mac OS X 1.9 MB StuffIt 6.5



     - Added OS X version.
- Add Preferences window that lets you auto-set creator of 3DMF files.

     - Udpated file format—old scene files aren't readable with this version.
- Item lists and properties are now in their own floating palette.
- Shift-5 and Control-5 now reset an item to its initial position and orientation,
   respectively (i.e. no longer at the origin with no rotation).
- Control-dropping a model file onto the 3D scene will add the object to the background.
- Can now handle binary 3DMF model files.
- Model files no longer need to be in the same folder as the application.
- When reading scenes from a file, if a shape isn't found, a placeholder shape is used.
- Fixed a bug that would incorrectly record extra shape files for an object
   when saving a scene.
- When opened, windows are resized if necessary to fit onscreen.
- Allows custom palettes in color picker (see "Tips & Tricks" in the Help window).

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