Oct 9: ID

Ketchum & Sun Valley, ID

You have to be careful whom you run into in these Wild West towns

A couple of desperadoes


They call him Ketchum Pete


How many family members does it take to load a car trunk?

What's up with these flags on every street corner?

Ah, you get to be your own crossing guard!

When the bagpipes start playing, you know the
Trailing of the Sheep is not far behind.

Dueling bagpipes

Pipers get all the babes

They make a parade of it -- here are some dancers

A string quartet plays as it walks

Yet more pipers

Where are the sheep?

At last!

Marchers take a bow

Pop fights WWII all over again

What to do with all those uneaten capers

Swans at the Sun Valley lodge

Ernest Hemingway prepares to hunt
the most dangerous game: Gary Cooper

The Iconoclast bookstore -- open until 11pm,
even on an off-season Sunday!

In this place, even normally-lame sections brim with intriguing titles

the next day...