Oct 10: ID/NV

Mountain Home, ID

I like these big chunky rural structures

This airplane was so well camouflaged in the trees, we almost missed it

A confusing historical info sign

We give up and just take in the view

Bruneau Dunes State Park, ID


No, it's an observatory!

It's just one part of this surprisingly extensive state park in little-traveled southwest Idaho. The park also includes an architecturally interesting observatory education center (center) and the tallest sand dune in North America (the gray hill on the right)

We had a picnic there

Deep Canyon, ID

Best sign ever

So you take a 10-mile detour, then 5 miles on a dirt road, then 3 more miles on an even worse dirt road, and you get to this great overlook

500' down to the rapids

The moonrise tells us it's time to head south

Owyhee, NV

The Welcome to Nevada sign didn't come out very well, so I will cheat with this map shot

We cross the border as the sun sets, but there are no towns big enough for lodgings of any kind; we head south for Elko

the next day...