Oct 8: WY/ID

Jackson, Wyoming

Looking up toward the hill in the photo (see "Surprise!")

Packing the car to leave, next to the famous elkhorn arches of Jackson Square

Next best thing to a giant moose head

The Bunnery serves a great breakfast.
I decide to embrace my Scandinavian heritage.

Best burgers anywhere, period.

Another day, another fill-up...

Heading out through Wilson, we get one last view of the Tetons

A spiffy little subdivision in Wilson, where some dwellings have combined Modernist forms with vernacular materials

Teton Pass, Wyoming & Idaho

Powered by vegetable oil? In any case, it is struggling through the steep incline (and it smells good)

That crack is definitely growing! I have affixed an arrow to the windshield to monitor the progress. As you view subsequent photos, keep in mind that the arrow never moves...

More fall color

Idaho Falls, Idaho

Who knew Idaho falls has a swell historical downtown? The Snakebite served us up a great lunch.

U.S. Route 20, Idaho

Those fall colors just get better and better

Now the crack is shrinking!

This row of trees is a total mystery

This hillside of painted school class years is not such a mystery

Burning fields (on purpose)

The crack can't make up its mind

We see no residents as we drive through Arco; which you'd expect of a town full of flesh-eating mutant zombies who only come out at night.

Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho

Fog makes this weird landscape extra-spooky

But still purty

Aaahh!! Flesh-eating mutant zombie!

What's wrong with this picture?

No supply pipes!

(It seems to work fine, smelling cleaner than most men's rooms)

No rest for the weary, must make Ketchum tonight...

Ketchum, Idaho

The western end of the family

Our home for the next two nights

We check out the balcony as a vantage point for
the Trailing of the Sheep down Main Street.

It's somebody's birthday (soon)

Birthday girl

A little late night geeking

the next day...