The Wort Hotel, Jackson, Wyoming

So, more or less at the last minute, we decide to
go through Jackson instead of West Yellowstone, and
to splurge on a night at the Wort (rhymes with "dirt")

It's a local landmark, in keeping with today's
impromptu "famous historical hotels of Wyoming" theme

They have one room remaining,
up the grand staircase and to the left.

They've decorated the hallways with photos of old
Jackson Hole scenes. I'm not paying much attention to
them, but one taken from high in the misty Teton peaks
catches my eye. And it happens to be next to...

...this one of a ski lesson in progress.
Jackson is in the background, with a lot
more open space than I remember even from
when I was a kid, visiting my grandparents,
who lived just outside town.

I am curious as to how long ago this might
have been, so I glance at the caption...

...and it's my dad.

The photo isn't dated, but my mom reckons it was
taken around 1956, a couple years before I was born.


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