Oct 11: NV

I-80, Nevada

Dang, I forgot to get a shot of casino-laden Elko! But here is one from the outskirts of town, representing what happens to your money there

Anne gets an update on our cat (who is doing fine at a friend's house)

The windshield crack makes a tentative extension

State Highway 278, Nevada

No trace of a path now

At a petroglyph site, we find the rocks...

...and the view to be far more interesting

Don't you agree?

Eureka, NV

U.S. 50 is the loneliest highway? Rubbish!

For one thing, it runs through great little towns like Eureka

Which has a sense of humor instead of a Starbucks...

...creative fences...

...and a pond for sale

Then down the road a little...

Austin, NV

...we have Austin

Like all good churches, this one scares the bejeebers out of you, even in broad daylight

Austin's multitudinous spires

The International slings a mean BLT

At the Austin Cemetery (on the National Register of Historic Places), it's always Hallowe'en

U.S. Highway 50, NV

We continue along this gem of a highway

Even in central Nevada high country, fall color makes an appearance

Continuing our Great Sand Dunes of America tour (see Oct 3 and Oct 10), we find Nevada's Sand Mountain

For $40/week, they let you race your dune buggy all over it

This tumbleweed actually rolled right in front of us

This I can believe

It's lonely because of cell phones

Ever hear of a shoe tree?

Ha ha, oh, I kill me

The road beckons -- we aim for Carson City

the next day...