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Typist   I needed something to ease the crushing drudgery of changing a file's type and creator. Here's what I made:

screen shot

   What's to like? Convenience!
Drag a batch of files to it (or to its icon in the Finder) and double-click the desired file type. That's it -- no other carpal-tunnel-syndrome-inducing clicks are necessary. It even remembers the last one you did, so you can zero in on it with ruthless efficiency.

Setting up the list of file types & creators is just as easy -- just drag & drop examples of those types into that list box.

   And yet, it is not omnipotent:
It doesn't support dragging folders, for batch or recursive changes. (I haven't needed it, and it seems a little dangerous...)

Yikes, there's no Undo!

Download Size (approx) Last update
Typist for Mac OS (Carbon: Classic or X) 768 KB Apr 22, 2003
Typist source code 52 KB Apr 22, 2003

This software was made with REALbasic, a rapid application development system for Mac and Windows. If you want to tweak the code, get the source (above) and the free demo from REAL Software. Give it a whirl; it's quite self-contained and easy.

The software and source code are free, without restrictions. If you want to link back here, use the address at the bottom of this page, not the one at the top of your browser.

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