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screen shot A utility for nabbing a piece of your Macintosh screen, in various handy power-of-two sizes.

Drag the red square around, then hit cmd-S to save whatever's inside it as a JPEG file.

You can capture at:

- various power-of-two dimensions,
   using the menu bar

- increments of 100 pixels,
   using keys 1-5

- full-screen, using key 6

Tip: Got a picture whose dimensions aren't quite right? No problem -- load it into something like JPEGView, which does a good job of resampling images at arbitrary dimensions. Put the JPEGView window behind the TextureGrab rectangle, and adjust it until you have just what you want. Then cmd-S to capture. Simple!

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TextureGrab for Mac OS Classic 460 KB 1.0d002 StuffIt
TextureGrab source code 8 KB 1.0d002 StuffIt

This software was made with REALbasic, a rapid application development system for Mac and Windows. If you want to tweak the code, get the source (above), the free demo from REAL Software, and the plugins listed below. Give it a whirl; it's quite easy.

The software and source code are free, without restrictions. If you want to link back here, use the address at the bottom of this page, not the one at the top of your browser.


- Feedback is welcome!
- TextureGrab is based on the Screen Capture Tutorial from ResExcellence.
- I haven't tried it on OS X yet (if you do, let me know how it works).
- You'll need these REALbasic plugins to compile it:

Joe Strout's CaptureScreen http://www.strout.net/macsoft/rbplugins
Micono WindowUtil http://micono.hoops.ne.jp/rb/index_e.html

©2002 Lars Jensen http://ljensen.com/texturegrab