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I wrote this program because I was unhappy with how other anagram software and web sites worked: too clumsy to explore intriguing possibilities, too much hassle keeping track of various threads by hand. And above all, too much time reading long lists of mind-numbingly similar anagrams!

So this software is an attempt to elevate the fun-to-tedium ratio. And guess what? It doesn't actually create any anagrams at all! Instead, it helps you create them. Its major contribution to the world of anagramming is a relentless obsession with small conveniences:

    Shows you which letters you still need to use
Calls out words with stubborn letters
Lets you decide which words to pursue instantly!
Keyboard shortcuts for dang near everything
Spin off new efforts without losing your work so far
Save great 'grams to the Hall of Fame

...and so much more! Actually, not that much more.

Download Size (approx) Version Format
Lars Magna for Mac OS 2.6 MB 1.0d012 StuffIt
Lars Magna for Windows 2.6 MB 1.0d012 Zip

PS - This is "feedback-ware", meaning you should tell me what you think. Other than that, it's free -- with no restrictions whatsoever!

PPS - About the name: "Ars Magna" (an anagram of "anagrams") is the name of a famous early anagram program. "Lars Magna" is a play on that and my name, and has its very own anagram, as you can see.
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