224 Hillcrest - Bathroom remodel

Existing conditions:

Existing conditions:
- In main room, ceiling height is just over 90"/7.5'
- Inside south closet, south wall is 54" high; north wall is 84" high; ceiling angle is 40 deg. from vertical. Also see detail inside closet.
- Above tub & inside northwest closet, wall height varies 74-78"; top of wall makes 45-degree angle w/ceiling; dotted line indicates ceiling line
- Inside northwest closet, door is half-height for eave access

Problems w/existing:
- Shower (in tub) is cramped for two people at once; users prefer different temperature settings.
- Sink has very little counter space and is awkwardly placed w/respect to door; hard for two people at once
- Not enough space for linens; shelves in both closets are hard to reach, dark, awkward
- Noisy exhaust fan, vents into attic

Goals of remodel:
- Solve above problems; in particular, create deluxe daily shower experience
- Retain spacious, light-filled feel of room
- $15,000 budget

Baseline plan:

This basic arrangement of fixtures satisfies project goals in a pleasing yet "minimal" way (i.e. straightforward construction, no structural or plumbing heroics):

- Toilet stays where it is (resulting in somewhat narrow passage to shower, the chief drawback of this plan), space behind & above closet is made into shelving
- Existing tub is moved to southwest corner, undermounted into new tile deck
- West end of south closet sealed and opened to hallway as linen closet
- Other than new linen closet, work doesn't occur outside bathroom doorway

The baseline plan allows several options, which can be decided on more or less independently. These are illustrated below (sometimes in combination). Decisions will be made on each option as more information is gathered.

Variation 1:

- Toilet is moved south, to ease entry to shower (requires moving vent pipe; see detail inside closet)
- Doorway is angled into hall, to allow more counter/closet space (small amount of demolition outside room)
- Room for stacked washer/dryer unit in closet (if desired, otherwise shelving), with service/eave access retained from shower via glass door

Variation 2:

- Shower entry on west end, no curtain, door, or curb -- entire floor slopes to drain (can be a step up if necessary
- Toilet is moved south, to allow long counter w/2nd sink
- New oval tub w/larger deck, shelving partition at foot of tub allows for more storage/plants

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