224 Hillcrest - Bathroom remodel

Existing conditions:
- In main room, ceiling height is just over 90"/7.5'
- Inside south closet, south wall is 54" high; north wall is 84" high; ceiling angle is 40 deg. from vertical
- Above tub & inside northwest closet, wall height varies 74-78"; top of wall makes 45-degree angle w/ceiling; dotted line indicates ceiling line
- Inside northwest closet, door is half-height for eave access

Problems w/existing:
- Shower (in tub) is cramped for two people at once; users prefer different temperature settings.
- Sink has very little counter space and is awkwardly placed w/respect to door; hard for two people at once
- Not enough space for linens; shelves in both closets are hard to reach, dark, awkward
- Noisy exhaust fan, vents into attic

Goals of remodel:
- Solve above problems; in particular, create deluxe daily shower experience
- Retain spacious, light-filled feel of room
- $15,000 budget

Decisions so far:
- Washer/dryer won't be part of this project
- West end of south closet sealed and opened to hallway
- Toilet relocated (some shelving/storage retained above toilet; access to eave space on north wall preserved)
- Add walk-in shower with two heads, walls of plate glass or glass block
- Replace tub w/drop-in+surround (all tubs shown are actual models: Kohler, Americh...)

Precise fixture locations, vanity/shower/tub enclosure design, closet configuration, etc. still to be decided.

Scheme A - Assumes we can use entire south closet:

Scheme B - Assumes southeast corner of closet is unusable:

- Toilet/shower options don't change; variations not shown (except one to relocate shower door)
- Tub switches to southwest corner, variations in vanity locations shown

Scheme C - Minimal disruption to current plumbing, to save $$$:

- Leave toilet as is
- Tub seems a little squeezed?

To verify:
- Can we use all of south closet?
- Is a beam necessary if south closet wall is removed? (Can hide in soffit)
- Feasible to reloate toilet as shown?
- Feasible to reroute plumbing vent lines for code?
- Feasible to route fan vent to outside on front of house? How will this look?

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