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screen shot I needed to link together multiple Bezier curves to produce a flight path for a camera in a 3D program. BezierLink helped me understand the tradeoffs among various ways of doing this.

The main thing you can do is click and drag points to see how the linking performs under extreme circumstances.

(Updated May 25, 2005: fixed bugs in Windows version
and eliminated flicker on Windows and Mac Classic.)

Download Size (approx) Format
BezierLink for Mac OS X 1 MB Zip
BezierLink for Mac Classic 640 KB StuffIt
BezierLink for Windows 712 KB Zip

This software was
made with REALbasic, a rapid application development system for Mac and Windows. Each download includes the source code; if you want to tweak it, get a free demo from REAL Software (version 4.5.3 or higher), then double-click the project file. It's that easy.

The software and source code are free, without restrictions. If you want to link back here, use the address at the bottom of this page, not the one at the top of your browser.

Bezier basics:

Paul Bourke's excellent collection of math/geometry pages.

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