Oct 13: CA

Mariposa, CA

We nabbed the last room in Mariposa, 40 miles west of Yosemite.

How much for the cat?

Now that's what I call taxidermy -- 2 animals for the price of 1

State Highway 49, CA

One of the most curvilicious roads ever!
(Get inspired by the full-size view...)

Same road, from the bridge in the upper center of the preceding picture

This beer truck actually passed us -- yikes!


Eight-story mobile log-moving machine

Nice farmsteads abound here

They don't make 'em like they used to -- whew!

State Highway 120, CA

And then suddenly you are out of the Sierra foothills...

...and into orchard country

Cool odometer reading
(compare to Oct 1)

First palm tree sighting!

Interstate 580, CA

It's just like Iowa! (See Oct 5)

The Chevron Corporation generously shares its regional HQ parking lot for an impromptu picnic

San Francisco, CA

We're getting close...

"Boston of the West"

One bridge to go


Sausalito, CA

Secret military space shuttle launch facility

Our new home (way up on top)

We are "those people in the attic"

Did this place used to be bigger?

The sun sets on our adventure

the end...?